The Bubbles in the Glass…

I’m finally past the stage that every artist dreads but must persevere through…the “ugly stage”. There are times I call it something more colorful, but for now this is a term used by many to describe a stage of their painting before the sky opens, the light shines down and things really begin to take shape.

I have made it past this and for the past few weeks have been working on the part I love…the fine details!

I have Completed the layers of detail on the pour and have now started to add the bubbles to the outer edges of the glass. Once these are complete I’ll start work on the blurred motion of wine on the surface which will tie into the bubbles forming on the edge.



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One Response to The Bubbles in the Glass…

  1. Ron Drake says:

    In real life it is just as amazing. looking forward to the “birth” of this new painting, along with my own.

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